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What is a Pilgrimage?

Sometimes we take few steps to the left, sometimes a few steps to the right, other times we take a few steps back, but when we go on a pilgrimage we are walking toward God. We go to God, not perfect, but as we are, with all of our doubts, crisis, sickness, curiosity, adventure, faith, and thanksgiving to ask for favors and to offer ourselves completely.

GIVE me my scallop-shell of quiet, My staff of faith to walk upon, My scrip of joy, immortal diet, My bottle of salvation, My gown of glory, hope's true gage; And thus I'll take my pilgrimage.

Blood must be my body's balmer, No other balm will there be given; Whilst my soul, like a quiet palmer, Travelleth towards the land of heaven; Over the silver mountains, Where spring the nectar fountains: There will I kiss, The bowl of bliss; And drink mine everlasting fill, Upon every milken hill: My soul will be a-dry before; But after, it will thirst no more. Then by that happy blestful day, More peaceful pilgrims I shall see, That have cast off their rags of clay, And walk apparelled fresh like me. I'll take them first, To quench their thirst, And taste of nectar suckets, At those clear wells, Where sweetness dwells, Drawn up by saints in crystal buckets.

And when our bottles and all we, Are filled with immortality, Then the blessed paths we'll travel, Strowed with rubies thick as gravel; Ceilings of diamonds, sapphire floors, High walls of coral, and pearly bowers. From thence to heavens's bribeless hall, Where no corrupted voices brawl; No conscience molten into gold, No forged accuser bought or sold, No cause deferred, nor vain-spent journey; For there Christ is the King's Attorney, Who pleads for all without degrees, And he hath angels, but no fees. And when the grand twelve-million jury Of our sins, with direful fury, Gainst our souls black verdicts give, Christ pleads his death, and then we live.

Be thou my speaker, taintless pleader, Unblotted lawyer, true proceeder! Thou giv'st salvation even for alms; Not with a bribèd lawyer's palms. And this is my eternal plea, To him that made heaven, earth, and sea, That, since my flesh must die so soon, And want a head to dine next noon, Just at the stroke, when my veins start and spread, Set on my soul an everlasting head. Then am I ready, like a palmer fit; To tread those blest paths which before I writ.

- Sir Walter Ralegh (1603)

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We at Go Ever Happy – Tours, believe that pilgrimages are one perfect way of discovering this truth and joy in finding fulfilment in the knowledge of the love of God. As a matter of fact, pilgrimages date as far back as the first century with the faithful enduring hardships on their way to St. James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Pilgrims having made all three pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela, Jerusalem, and Rome were considered to be in a heavenly state and blessed indeed. Today, it is easier than ever to travel to destinations like Fatima, Lourdes, Paris, Jerusalem, Ephesus, Corinth, and many more.

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Amazing but this true story happened to me in February 2004. I was struck down in a crosswalk by a student OK, a skateboard and rendered unconscious when my head hit the pavement. In November 2003 (just before Thanksgiving) I was taken, to the hospital in an ambulance and attended be paramedics. I was hospitalised for three days and suffered severe neurological internal reactions to the accident. I was treated for several months with no sign of improvement. My condition grew worse, I was experiencing chronic dizzy spells, my legs swelled to twice their normal size, and I developed an alarming thickening of blood. My doctors prescribed some 40 pills daily as necessary treatment. I was told that If I did not take the pills I would surely die. I was unable to walk, without pain and dizziness. My doctor gave me a handicap sticker to my car. My family had all but given up hope I would survive, and they began to prepare for my death. I decided against the doctor’s advice to visit the Blessed Virgin’s shrine at Lourdes and ask for healing. I booked myself a trip with the Spirit Tours on the Saint Bernadette Tour as my last resource. arrangements were made and I joined a tour group for the healing trip (I decided not to come back to the U.S.A. until I am healed). I was unable to keep up with the group in the Long candle-light procession from the lower grotto to the Basilica above. I would stop frequently to catch my breath aided by an elderly lady (I was 46 years old). The next afternoon, on February 11, 2004, the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes, at precisely 3.00pm, my turn came up for full immersion of my sick body in the icy spring waters flowing at the shrine. To mu great joy, upon, exiting the water of Lourdes, I was instantly cured! My swelling was completely gone. Having my husband’s shoes, I have to stuff tissue to be able to wear them. I was able to read easily and felt enormous energy and such happiness that I started running and crying from joy.

“I am HEALED!!! IO sono guarita!!!! Ja jestem uzdrowíona!!!”

I told the story of coming out of the water and finding myself completely dry, not even needing a towel. I felt incredible heat inside my body and everything seemed to look a pinkish color. I knew 1 have been cured! Even though warned of the necessity of continuing to take daily vutdications of forty pills, I discarded them and never took them again. Those with me in the tour group were stunned along with the tour Chaplain. They witnessed the complete change, and observed my ability to actually run up the same hill I could barely manage the night before. I was later able to carry five one gallon containers of Lourdes water as if they weighed nothing at all. Thanking my «Madonna», I described myself as feeling eighteen again. My testimony may be published in full or part for the Glory of God.

Sincerely and gratefully,
Maria K. Paini

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